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21.  How to make employees safety your ‘number one’ New Year’s resolution

It’s a new year and time to look at your business practices with fresh eyes. The safety of your workers is your priority and at Oxford Safety, we are here to tell you how to make it your number one New Year’s resolution for 2018.

If your business involves manual processes and procedures then your workplace or environment is likely to be hazardous. Typical jobs that include repairs, refurbishments, maintenance or inspections will be more high risk than others.

In fact, 10 million British workers’ jobs involve working at heights which is the most common cause of fatal injuries in the workplace.

So, how can you make employee safety your number one New Year’s resolution? Let’s take a look…

Equip your employees with the right tools for the job

The first thing you can do to help improve the safety of employees is to ensure they have the right equipment and/or tools for the job. If your workers are included in that 10 million who work at heights then consider the type of platforms you use. A ladder is rarely suitable for jobs that take a while to complete because maintaining balance and concentration on a ladder is precarious at best. The best platform for jobs that take time or jobs in hard to reach or dangerous places is a sturdy, stable temporary platform.

To make sure you stick to your New Year’s resolution in making employee safety a top priority, be sure to carry out risk assessments on jobs and plan ahead to ensure you get the right equipment and/or tools in place before the work starts.

Make sure your employees know how to use the equipment and/or tools provided

Once you have identified the appropriate equipment and/or tools for the job make sure your employees are safe when using it. To do this, you will need to make sure your workers are first of all fit to work by carrying out self assessments and then secondly, providing each worker with training on how to use it.

Look out for training guides and onsite training courses for equipment and/or tools you bring into the workplace.

Refresh and revive knowledge

Training should not be offered to new workers only. Training should be given as a refresher to revive knowledge to prevent bad habits creeping in and to reinforce the importance of safety when using equipment and/or tools and working at heights.

First-class training follows from good instruction sheets and method statements. Oxford Safety method statements are immediately available for many typical tasks - and can be readily adjusted or modified to suit special project tasks.     Click here for Method Statements … here for Training

Challenge existing procedures

As part of your employee safety New Year’s resolution think about what procedures you already have in place and if they are fit for purpose. The start of a new year is a great opportunity to audit your working practices. Try to look at everything with a fresh pair of eyes, conduct risk assessments and consider alternative ways of doing the same job and decide which method would improve employee safety.

For your temporary platform and training needs speak to Oxford Safety.