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22. Health and Safety Executive (HSE) launch Helping Great Britain Work Well Strategy

The Health and Safety Executive (HSE) has launched its 2018/19 business plan and its new strategy to ‘Help Great Britain Work Well’.

The strategy boasts about the country having a safety record to be envied world wide but they want to strengthen their ability to protect people by managing risk and further improve their impressive safety records.

HSE have made the following commitments in their business plan:

leading and engaging those who undertake or influence health and safety – capitalising on the enthusiasm and collaboration we have been delighted to see since launching Helping Great Britain work well. This involves using modern communication and technology to change behaviours, and continuing to support our activities through robust science and evidence

ensuring the regulatory framework remains effective. This includes making sure that we are delivering the government’s regulatory agenda and supporting the UK’s exit from the European Union

securing effective risk management and control through a variety of regulatory tools that involve direct interactions with dutyholders. This includes our licensing activities, sustaining existing levels of intelligence-led inspections and investigating incidents, with people being held to account for their failures through firm, but fair, enforcement of the law

reducing the likelihood of low-frequency, high impact catastrophic incidents and the potential for extensive harm to workers and the public. Major hazard duty holders are subject to a level of regulatory scrutiny proportionate to their risks and performance. This includes considering leadership, workforce competence and engagement, and maintenance of asset integrity

Find out more about their specific plans and commitments by industry sector on the HSE website.

Falls from heights on farms campaign

One of the initiatives from the strategy is targeting farmers with a ‘falls from heights’ campaign. Falls from heights is the second most common cause of death on farms with at least eight people dying from falls each year.

Here at Oxford Safety, we champion the campaign that will highlight the importance of having the right equipment for the job including temporary platforms for working at heights.

HSE’s head of agriculture Rick Brunt said: “Falls from height are still one of the main causes of death and injury on Britain’s farms, and each year too many farmers are working with asbestos and breathing in dangerous fibres.

“HSE is calling on anyone involved in building maintenance and repair work on farms to use the free guidance from our website to make sure they comply with the law and do the job safely.”

Farms will be visited by inspectors who will be checking how the risk of falling from height is being controlled during building maintenance, including whether work at height can be avoided, if the right equipment is being used and is in the appropriate condition.

The HSE will be checking if farms are using specialist contractors for high-risk tasks, if there are signs to warn people of fragile roofs and whether the work is being carried out by workers with the right training and skills.

Farmers working on unstable or fragile roofs would benefit from using an Oxford Safety approved temporary platform and railing. Find out more by browsing our website.

Fragile roof

Oxford Safety fragile roof system deployed - click for more