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1. When would I use a temporary platform?

If your job involves heights, repairs, vehicles or even awkward spaces then a temporary platform could make your job much easier and may even save your life.

Inspection - Repair - Refurbishment - Maintenance

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2.  5 reasons why training sessions are important

You might have been in your trade or job for years and think you know all there is know, and to some degree you’ll be correct. Training sessions can be essential for new starters and a great refresher for those who have been doing the same job for years.

Training sessions can cover a number of different areas including how to properly handle and use equipment, how to prepare and work on sites, give you check lists and key information to help you use the correct methods in your line of work.

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7. Falls are not always above ground

Here at Oxford Safety Components we make the prevention of falls our number one priority. You might be surprised to hear that falls are not always above ground. There are many jobs that are hazardous to falls into pits, holes, trenches and other below ground openings. These are also covered under the Work at Heights Regulations and so you must be aware of your responsibilities as an employer.

Let’s take a look at some of the common falls that are not above ground and how you can keep safe whilst working with and around potential conditions of this kind

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Repair service Oxford Trench-Protect FIyer MRes Iss1 7Mar2017.pdf

8. How maintenance services can save you money and reduce waste

Some construction waste is made up of heavy machinery, tools and parts that are broken, damaged or not working. So, what can you do to save money and reduce waste in your business?

Some construction waste is made up of heavy machinery, tools and parts that are broken, damaged or not working. So, what can you do to save money and reduce waste in your business?

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14. Construction: The UK’s most dangerous job

This month, the latest report from Health and Safety Executive (HSE) revealed that construction is the UK’s most dangerous job.

And half of deaths on building construction sites are the result of falls from heights.

So, here at Oxford Safety, we wanted to share with you the results from the HSE report and give you some top tips and reminders to be safe on site …


22. Health and Safety Executive (HSE) launch Helping Great Britain Work Well Strategy

The Health and Safety Executive (HSE) has launched its 2018/19 business plan and its new strategy to ‘Help Great Britain Work Well’.

The strategy boasts about the country having a safety record to be envied world wide but they want to strengthen their ability to protect people …

HSE’s head of agriculture Rick Brunt said: “Falls from height are still one of the main causes of death and injury on Britain’s farms,

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Special News  - New Premises

Oxford Safety has moved to a new larger HQ building in north Bicester which gives us more space to expand our services to our customers

We are now at:

 3, Longlands Road, Launton,

 Bicester, Oxfordshire,  OX26 5AH

 Tel No. 01869 323282 (not changed)

This smart new larger building now houses our new offices, production inspection units, repair units, and warehouse operations. It is the new base for our service teams

Our new logo and name signs will be erected very soon

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