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Building and Construction sites, Oxford Safety trellis mats make working at height safer, preventing falls inside roofs, down stairways, and providing work platforms above voids (to meet WAHR regulations)

safety trellis system
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safety trellis system stairway safety platforms

STS trellis mats cover joists to form a stable temporary platform for spreading and nailing trusses, preventing falls and improving productivity.                   More details - click

SPS systems use trellis mats on adjustable frames to safeguard stairways whilst allowing easy passage of operatives and material up and down.                             More details - click

Protecting floor voids but giving easy access for trades operatives.      More details - click

stairway safety platforms

Trellis mat easily adjusts to suit void to be protected; it fold-ups for moving and storage. Strength tested to meet requirements of BS 2037.

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