Solutions for safety when working at height

Oxford Safety fall-prevention systems - such as temporary platforms, trellis mats and lattice covers - are used in many industries and on numerous sites to protect operatives from danger, whilst improving productivity

Click below for the types of project where Oxford Safety systems help work at height

Fragile roof Vehicle work Maintenance Building work

Insulated 240 Mat

Made with fully insulating composite material to protect against falls & electrical shock when working in roof spaces  

Fragile Roof System

Trellis mats and frames to prevent operatives from falls through fragile roof sheet material and brittle sky-lights

STS Safety Trellis System

To prevent falls between rafters when spreading and nailing trusses

Our CAVE system

Retractable covers to avoid hazards of vehicle inspection pits left open

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Maintenance Maintenance Repair service

SPS Stairway Protection System

Deployed in a typical full winder staircase to prevent falls of carpenters, plasterers and decorators during building or refurbishment work

STS Trellis Mat System preventing falls between joist and personal harm and collateral damage during refurbishment work, and safeguarding access across the area by other trades

Inspection, Repair and Spares service

Every item is inspected when it comes back off-hire; any necessary repairs are then made so it is ready for next hire.

Our repair service also visits items on site during longer hires or as needed.

Many spares are readily available; small items off-the-shelf; assemblies in days

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