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- Covers All Voids Easily:

A lattice cover to guard
Vehicle Inspection Pits
The deep void of a vehicle inspection pit is a major hazard in many motor workshops and service bays.  When a vehicle is not over the pit, it must be covered to protect operatives and visitors in the workshop.




Literature:  Technical Leaflet  |  Example Method Statement                                        
Oxford Safety has compiled a detailed and illustrated method statement for the use of a typical
CAVE safety cover lattice system to safeguard people above active transport inspection pits

There are 2 versions of the CAVE systems  Choose the version to suit your workshop needs

Rigid system

• Suitable for workshops with 1 or 2 regular operatives, no visitors, and limited use of pit

• Remove the rigid lattice cover to use the pit; store lattice nearby

• Replace lattice as the vehicle is moved away from pit

 Concertina system

• Suitable for busy workshops to minimises risks to operatives and visitors


• Position vehicle over pit, then close up a lattice for access of personnel

• Open access to underside of vehicle by closing up a lattice; lattices are installed either side of jack system and remain on the pit rails

• Close the pit by extending the lattice before vehicle is moved away from pit


For proper safety at all times either a vehicle or a cover must be in place over the inspection pit. However, to show the hazard of  the inspection pit and the detail of the lattice covers, these photographs have been taken without a vehicle in place. For correct best safe practice with CAVE systems, the cover would always be erected underneath the vehicle before it is moved away (or as it is moved away).  

We give grateful acknowledgements for certain photos to the Marshall Motor Group and their team at Ely (and photographer Trevor Sadler) and the East London Bus Company and their team at Romford.

Robust yet lightweight inspection pit covers are

  easy and quick to deploy. They prevent anyone

  falling into pit, and provide a safety platform deck

• Concertina version allows flexible access to the

  underside of vehicle awaiting inspection

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