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Our products' continual design and manufacture have provided safety solutions for many different industries and earned us awards for innovation in design.
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The origins of Oxford Safety Components

Oxford Safety was founded in 2000 by brothers John and David Black after years of running a successful carpentry business.

With a combined 30 years of experience and over 100 employees, we were frustrated by the lack of quality safety equipment for our staff when working with large contractors.

When working on Truss roofs, we knew our team deserved to work safely without unnecessary hazards and fall risks. Health and Safety are important to us and, combined with our competency, contributed to our business's success and reputation. Safety, productivity and innovation are at the heart of what we do.

Meet The Oxford Safety Team

John Black - General Manager

Dave Black - Technical Manager

Claire Middleton - Office Manager

Carlo Tosti - Commercial Manager

Misha Staples - Marketing Administrator

Carrie-Anne Blunsden - Administrative Assistant

Sue Miles - Accounting/Invoicing

Steve Pettifer - Warehouse Supervisor

Dave Parker - Senior Trainer

Paul Alphonso - Senior Trainer

Barry Spencer - Trainer

Dan Lacey - Warehouse/Delivery


Oxford Safety was born from a desire to safeguard valued workers from injury

An estimated 19% of injuries sustained in construction every year are a result of working at height. We knew we had the skills and experience to produce innovative fall prevention safety systems solutions that were adaptable for any industry.

This dedication to the safety of our employees inspired us to develop our patented Trellis System – a key feature of our products. In 2001 we launched the STS Mat (CoverSafe), and our range of products for working at a height have continued to expand.

Oxford Safety now design, sell, hire and install innovative fall prevention safety systems, servicing the Construction, Automotive, Facilities, Utilities, Solar and Pest Control industries to ensure appropriate equipment for working at heights.

Latest News

Fragile Roof Access Solution for Asbestos Roof

Oxford Safety Components supplied an effective roof access solution to one of the country’s leading roofing contractors to help tackle a particularly challenging leaky roof. The roofing contractor, based in Billericay, was asked by their client - a funeral care provider in Canterbury - to carry out gulley cleaning on their roof. The gulley was […]
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Tackling the Risks Posed by Loft Work

It’s safe to say that most people don’t really think about their loft often. Most rarely ever venture up there, usually to retrieve Christmas decorations or other junk. However, many types of domestic works often require access to the loft or attic spaces of homes. Whether it is work on hot water tanks, telecoms maintenance, […]
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Working at Height Regulations: How to be Compliant

In 2005 The Work at Height Regulations were enforced to assure safer standards of working across industries. But what does it mean to be compliant? Let’s break this down into bitesize chunks... Firstly, what IS working at height? According to the HSE, working at height means working in any place where if there were no […]
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Working Platforms

From stairwells to rooftops, our wide range of adaptable, cost effective working platforms provide safety when working from a height.

Fragile Roof Access

We supply lightweight, fall arrest temporary working platforms which effectively ensure safety, functionality and comfort to dramatically reduce workplace falls.

Low Level

Reduce manhole and hatchway falls with Oxford Safety industry leading covers and platforms. All our products meet HSE safety requirements.


From construction and automotive, to solar and pest control; we proudly supply a wide range of cost-effective safety systems.

Inspection & Training

Our Certified training provides comprehensive knowledge in the safe use of the equipment, at one of our national training centres.

Service & Support

Find the right fit with our comprehensive catalogue of safety parts and accessories including handrails, safety straps and replacement rivets.

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