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The hazards and risks involved in aviation maintenance work is often similar to those found in construction. Aerospace is an industry in which the risk of falling is obvious. Equipment is often large in scale and tall in height with movement being required across many different surfaces. Both the manufacturing and maintenance process involves operations that remove, fabricate, alter and/or install components all over the aircraft itself. All the traditional hazards associated with working at height apply which creates risks to those people who work within the industry. In the Aerospace Industry, along with other industries that require cautious health and safety procedures it is necessary, to protect staff, contractors and other workers through an effective means of fall protection.


240 Mat Insulated trellis platforms with new an all composite plastic model provides both protection from falls and electrical safety when working in the fuselage. As a light weight working platform or simply to cover a dangerous void. The mats have an anti-slip backing that prevents the mats from slipping on the majority of surfaces.

  • bullet point icon New composite plastic material
  • bullet point icon Provide a temporary platform to avoid the hazards of working in the fuselage
  • bullet point icon The closed-up mat is easy to insert through cabin hatches
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The unique design of the trellis system, allows the 240-grp mat to be expanded and contract to suit numerous different applications and with the benefit that the mats can be interlocked to provide greater coverage. The mats can be installed to provide a work area for operatives or walkways for access and if required full coverage for total protection.