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Working Safely in Stairwells

Not a lot of people realise but working in construction has long been one of the most dangerous jobs in the world. People doing jobs in this field have to take a lot of risks each day, with even the threat of falling objects being enough to put a lot of people off of the idea of working on a building site.
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Regular Maintenance Increases Workplace Safety, Saves You Money & Waste

Accidents happen in every walk of life and often, are down to lack of concentration or simple carelessness but accidents in workplace safety can happen because equipment is not safe to use or a risk assessment hasn’t taken place.
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What Is Working At Height? Not Every Fall Is Above Height

When most people think of "working at height", they might picture construction workers high on scaffolding or window cleaners up ladders. Of course these situations do count but the true definition is far broader than that. So What is working at height?
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