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Auto manufacturing with its physical demands and challenging work environment causes many hazards for workers. In order to maintain health and safety standards within the Motor Vehicle Repair industry it is important to identify the most frequent and serious risks and adopt the necessary precautions. Inspection pits are one of the most common cause of accidents, not only to those unfamiliar with the premises but also to employees who momentarily forget the presence of an unfenced pit or who slip or trip and fall into them.


To protect the premises effectively, we offer bespoke lightweight concertina and fixed covers for inspection pits. They have been created to safeguard open pits and are designed to be robust, adjustable and quick and easy to deploy.

  • bullet point icon Robust yet lightweight adjustable cover
  • bullet point icon Easy and quick to deploy due to concertina action
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Our dedicated ISO procedures ensure that every product has been inspected and maintained before a system goes out on hire.
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Prevents anyone from falling into the vehicle inspection pit in a transport workshop, whilst allowing full access to the vehicle underside.

Training and refresher courses are important on all types of equipment at Oxford Safety Components. We carry out on site training on all our products where we issue certificates to all persons trained.