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Protecting Against Stairwell Voids During Construction

Most of us probably don’t think about the stairs we use every day, but chances are, you do know how dangerous they can be. Slips, trips, and falls on staircases can be lethal. Whether it’s because we weren’t paying attention, or because we simply lost our balance, the stairs are one of the most dangerous […]
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Why You Need A Facilities Maintenance Checklist And What Should Be On It

Facilities Maintenance Checklists are a crucial part of ensuring businesses and facilities are in top working order. Essentially, they allow managers and employees to keep track of everything that’s happening around the site and - crucially - maintenance priority to keep things running smoothly. Without a comprehensive maintenance checklist, things can fall through the cracks […]
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News: The New Brand Identity of Oxford Safety

The last year has come with its challenges, and despite the many obstacles, it was still a very exciting year for Oxford Safety Components. In December 2019 we became part of the world-renowned safety solutions and products company Kee Safety Group- helping to propel us into new markets and redesign our brand. We've been working […]
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The Various Types Of Home Construction Methods

Although most people not in the industry might take it for granted, homebuilding is a highly complex endeavour, and there are a range of construction types that can be utilised to build the homes we live in. In this blog, we’ll take a look at some of the most common types of construction styles for […]
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Working Safely on Stairs | Stairwell Platform

Most of us probably don’t think twice about stairs. Whether at home or in public, you probably don’t spare them a second glance. But, if you work as a tradesperson, you’re likely well aware of the challenges posed when working on stairs, and how quickly underestimating them can lead to injury. Tradespeople are regularly required […]
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Inspection Pit Safety: What Can You Do?

Inspection pits are a common sight in most commercial garages, transport depots, and other facilities which regularly need to access the underside of vehicles. Despite their ubiquitous nature, inspection pits continue to pose a risk to those who work both in and around them. Although they are below ground level, falls into inspection pits are […]
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Excavation Safety: What to Look Out For

There are numerous reasons why you might need to excavate earth. For example, vital utilities such as cables and pipes are buried to protect both property and the public. Utilities engineers must regularly excavate earth in public areas to reach this buried equipment. As with work on roofs and raised areas, when these trenches have been dug, […]
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Tackling the Risks Posed by Loft Work

It’s safe to say that most people don’t really think about their loft often. Most rarely ever venture up there, usually to retrieve Christmas decorations or other junk. However, many types of domestic works often require access to the loft or attic spaces of homes. Whether it is work on hot water tanks, telecoms maintenance, […]
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Working at Height Regulations: How to be Compliant

In 2005 The Work at Height Regulations were enforced to assure safer standards of working across industries. But what does it mean to be compliant? Let’s break this down into bitesize chunks... Firstly, what IS working at height? According to the HSE, working at height means working in any place where if there were no […]
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Safe Working at Height on Roofs

It can be extremely dangerous working on a roof, and severe safety precautions are necessary to prevent falling from a height, which can result in severe and sometimes permanent injury, if not fatalities. Injuries from working at heights cause more work-related injuries than any other work-related incidents and therefore, shouldn’t be taken lightly – not […]
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