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Enhancing Safety in Construction Pits: A Comprehensive Guide to PitProtect Systems

Introduction Construction sites present numerous hazards, with excavation pits posing significant risks. PitProtect systems from Oxford Safety provide robust solutions to mitigate these dangers, ensuring worker safety and regulatory compliance. This comprehensive guide explores the importance of pit safety, details PitProtect systems, and provides industry references and internal links for further reading. Understanding the Risks […]
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The Importance of Safety in Timber Frame Construction

Introduction to Timber Frame Construction Timber frame construction has become increasingly popular due to its sustainability, speed of assembly, and cost-effectiveness. However, with the rise in timber frame projects, the need for stringent safety measures has also escalated. Ensuring worker safety and compliance with regulations is paramount. Key Safety Challenges in Timber Frame Construction 1. […]
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Transforming Safety through Exceptional Customer Service

In the Construction sector where safety is paramount, Oxford Safety Components stands tall as more than just a supplier of innovative solutions – we're your dedicated partner in supporting your culture of onsite safety. As we continue our journey to revolutionise workplace safety, specifically in the built environment, it's our commitment to outstanding customer service […]
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Advancing Safety in Construction

On July 6th, the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) released its sobering "Work-related Fatal Injuries in Great Britain, 2023" report. The grim reality stood stark: 135 lives were tragically lost due to work-related accidents in the 2022/23 period in Great Britain, with the construction sector bearing a heavy burden of 45 fatalities. Even more distressing, […]
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Construction Site Safety: TRAINING MATTERS!

Let’s face this blog topic head-on with some honest truths…… We know and understand the onsite construction stresses, the time demands and the value engineering requirements, that effect all Housing Developers, Contractors and Building Professionals, now more than ever. Throughout, safety remains an unwavering priority. For all construction professionals, ensuring a secure and hazard-free construction site […]
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Health And Safety Guidance with Scaffolding Blocking All Upstairs Windows

Suppose you are either living in a property with scaffolding blocking all the upstairs windows or you are project managing the construction work itself. In that case, it is imperative to know more about how to deal with the problem of windows blocked by scaffolding. There are several reasons why blocking upstairs windows with scaffolding […]
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Pest Control Safety Precautions To Seriously Consider

Nobody wants to be faced with a pest infestation. Yet, if you are faced with this situation, it is something you have to take care of as soon as possible. The longer pests are allowed to fester, the more damage to your home they will eventually cause. However, it is important you do not rush […]
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What Are the 4 Types of Pest Control?

Pests come in many different forms. Rodents in the loft, bugs in the kitchen, a scary wasp nest in the garden – the list goes on and on. While pest problems are numerous, the ways to control them can be summed up into just four types. For information about each of these, we have summed […]
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Why is Construction Safety Important?

When it comes to construction work, health and safety procedures are essential. With construction workers facing a range of hazards, from falls and cuts to electrocution and burns, it's crucial to have a strong focus on safety – safety is important. Committing to safety protects both workers and the public and can improve the reputation […]
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What Are Active and Passive Fire Safety Measures?

Whether you are responsible for fire safety in a residential or commercial property, you need to know about both active and passive fire safety measures. Read on to discover what is the difference between active fire protection systems and passive fire protection systems. Plus, how to plan ultimate fire resistance with a fire safety strategy. […]
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