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The Do’s and Don’ts of Electrical Safety in the Construction Sector

There is no shortage of health and safety risks in the construction sector. Whether it is the risk of falling from a great height, having heavy objects drop on you, slipping on an uneven floor, or being run over by heavy goods vehicles, you must be vigilant of potential dangers. Arguably the most dangerous risk […]
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Why You Need Garage Pit Covers

Working in a garage is fraught with risks. Whether it's the tools you use or the dangers of working underneath car ramps, there are several key safety measures you need to take to stay out of trouble. One of the riskiest elements of any garage is the inspection pit. Having a pit installed – which […]
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Do I Need a Gutter Protection System?

Maintaining your home is a constant job that, if you’re not careful, can create a vacuum of time and money. Cleaning your gutters is one such task, requiring a great deal of effort, risk and time to complete. When you have a full-time job or a family to look after, the last job you’ll want […]
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What Is Passive Fire Protection?

Property fires are one of the most destructive, dangerous, and costly disasters that can befall you. If you own a building, then there is always the chance – no matter how slim – that a fire could break out. While it is impossible to eliminate the risk of fire entirely, there are certain measures you […]
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Do You Need Garage Pit Safety Covers?

Staying safe when working in a garage is imperative because it can be a potentially dangerous working environment. While it is easy to imagine that if you know your way around your garage and the various equipment it houses, you will stay out of trouble, the truth is that the problem may have nothing to […]
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Working Safely Installing Windows & Fragile Surfaces

Safely installing windows and fragile surfaces is risky. It has many hazards, including falling and smashing glass – both of which can cause serious harm to workers. The question is, how do you ensure the health and safety of all construction workers in these environments?Fortunately, with the right safety measures in place, working with windows […]
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Pest Control Solutions for a Building Site

Working on a building site often comes with obstacles. One of those obstacles is the presence of pests. Whether old or new, buildings usually have a host of animals living in and around them, causing various problems for the workers. You might come across rodents and birds living in a loft, and you might stumble […]
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The Importance of Using Window Scaffolding Systems

From window cleaning and gutter maintenance to installing and replacing windows, working at heights can be risky business without the right safety equipment. In fact, without the ideal safety gear and the right knowledge of how to use it, working at heights shouldn’t even be attempted in the first place. Many hazards await those who […]
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The Importance of Safety Handrails for Construction Sites

Safety should always come first on a construction site. There are plenty of hazards waiting around each corner for the unprepared, so taking every precaution (and using the right safety gear) is a must. In order to help you avoid endangering yourself and your employees when you’re working on-site, it’s worth thinking about the role […]
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The Importance of Using Temporary Fall Protection Barriers

When working in an elevated work pace, fall protection is essential. Even short falls can seriously injure a person, depending on what they fall on. Without protection, workers could end up in the hospital or, even worse, they could sustain fatal injuries.  One way to reduce a fall hazard is to use temporary fall protection barriers. […]
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