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Safe Working at Height on Roofs

It can be extremely dangerous working on a roof, and severe safety precautions are necessary to prevent falling from a height, which can result in severe and sometimes permanent injury, if not fatalities. Injuries from working at heights cause more work-related injuries than any other work-related incidents and therefore, shouldn’t be taken lightly – not […]
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Beware of Fragile Roofs

Falls from height are the largest cause of death and serious accident in construction and roof accidents account for around 25% of these. On average 9 people are killed every year from falling through fragile roofs or fragile roof lights. Many others suffer serious permanent injuries.One of the issues faced by the construction industry is […]
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How to Keep Your Business on Track During the COVID-19 Storm

COVID-19 continues to spread rapidly around the world. Almost every country has reported cases. The outbreak is already having a damaging economic impact on businesses, affecting everything from tourism to the supply of parts to the automotive and technology industries. Whether the pandemic ends within a month or two or stretches into the long-term, business […]
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The Two Things That Will Save Your Life When Working at Height

Did you know that working at height was the most frequent cause of fatal accidents to workers in 2018/2019, accounting for 27% of the total. According to the latest HSE statistics, there were also 69,208 non-fatal accidents involving falls from height across all industries. Over 60% of deaths during work at height involve falls from ladders, […]
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Working in a Loft Space Counts as Working at Height

Working in a loft space counts as Working at Height according to the Working at Height Safety Directive, especially if there is a stairwell below, with a large distance to fall. Whatever motivates you to access your attic, it’s a place where accidents can easily happen: getting up there, getting back down, and going about […]
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Construction Sector Accidents are Still on the Rise According to the Latest HSE Annual Report

The HSE has published its annual figures for work related injuries and fatalities for 2018/19 – The report is based on annual data for the period April 2018 to March 2019. The HSE Annual Report gives us a yearly figure in relation to the number of (fatal and non-fatal) work injuries for 2018/19. Key figures […]
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The Importance of Training & Refreshing Your Skills

In a modern-day working environment, there are numerous hazards that require training and education in order to avoid injuries. Without the correct safety training, workers risk harming themselves or even facing death. According to UK Government statistics, the number of injured workers has steadily decreased over the past 20 years due in large part to […]
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Working Safely in Stairwells

Not a lot of people realise but working in construction has long been one of the most dangerous jobs in the world. People doing jobs in this field have to take a lot of risks each day, with even the threat of falling objects being enough to put a lot of people off of the idea of […]
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Regular Maintenance Increases Workplace Safety, Saves You Money & Waste

Accidents happen in every walk of life and often, are down to lack of concentration or simple carelessness but accidents in workplace safety can happen because equipment is not safe to use or a risk assessment hasn’t taken place. In all types of workplaces, there are different types of equipment and machinery that we use […]
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Not Every Fall is Above At Height - Check Each Possibility

Consider All Possible Falls from Height, as They are Not Always Above at Height
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