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The Dangers of Working on Asbestos Roof

Many industries require their workers to work on asbestos roofs. Electricians, plumbers, and people in the building industry might have to get up there and work their way around a large amount of asbestos. Unfortunately, that means exposing themselves to harmful fibres that could make them sick. If you or your team must work around […]
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What Must Be Provided to Prevent a Person Falling Into a Trench?

Falling into a trench is a common hazard on private construction sites and in the public domain when your team may be tasked with repairing underground piping, internet cables, or laying deep foundations for a new building.
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The Importance of Using Roof Safety Matting in Construction

Given the nature of the environment, there will be a significant number of hazards to be aware of and unexpected dangers to prepare for. While there are some basic actions you can take to decrease the chances of an accident, it is also critical that you seek specialist solutions to certain problems.
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The Options for Working on a Fragile Roof

Working on fragile roofs can obviously throw up a whole host of health and safety challenges, and there is no doubt that all of these need to be mitigated against as much as possible. No matter how short the duration of time that the work is taking place, there is certainly the sense that proper precautions need to be taken.
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Why Is an Inspection Pit a Confined Space?

An inspection pit can be found in a variety of different spaces such as vehicle inspection pits, They are required to be in a confined space. A big part of this comes down to health and safety and ensuring that anybody who is working in them or nearby to them is properly protected from any potential hazards that they may end up facing.
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How to Paint a High Stairwell

Whether you are painting a stairwell in your home or on-site, this is one job that requires skill, patience, and great attention to detail.

Stairwell walls are known for being one of the trickiest decorating tasks, thanks to their high walls, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t learn how to do it.

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How to Prevent Workshop Pit Falls

If there is an inspection pit in your workshop, you may be worried about pit falls.

Although inspection pits offer the safest way to inspect a vehicle within a workshop, there is always the risk that someone in the working environment will fall into a pit and suffer an injury.

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We Asked, We Delivered. The Pitprotect 1500.

and voids when servicing vehicles; and provide a working platform that supports the weight of operatives and their tools. With ease-of-use at the centre of everything we design, the PitProtect Inspection Pit Cover is ready to go with no training needed.
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Floor Refurbishment FAQs

Floor refurbishment involves pulling up the old floorboards, which will reveal the joists beneath and turn the room into an assault course. Not only is this unsightly, and a great way to make the room off-limits for a while, it can also be potentially risky. You’ll be opening up voids and creating trip hazards, which will make the work dangerous.
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What Are The Hidden Dangers Of Roof Access? | Roof Access

Working at height is a particularly dangerous - but often unavoidable - job. It’s down to employers to ensure employees have the competency, training, and equipment to carry out this work safely, and put control measures in place wherever possible to mitigate the hidden dangers of roof access.
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