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Building operatives can face many hazards; they may be at height, they may be above voids. However, work needs to continue to schedule. Oxford Safety trellis mats increase the safety of working at height, preventing falls inside roofs, down stairways, and providing work platforms above voids; all to meet safety concerns and regulations e.g. WAHR regulations in UK. Also better productivity results from good safety equipment because operatives can proceed without worries.


The Stairwell Platform System SPS in stairwell voids is suited when staircase is not yet fitted, to prevent falls in the stairwell or similar voids.

The system can be used in stair voids by removing the hinged legs from the SPS frame. This can be performed when the joists have just been fitted prior to the staircase being installed.

  • bullet point icon Maximum spread load is 150 Kg including any operative
  • bullet point icon If the void aperture is not rectangular, then seek further instructions from a competent person to ensure safe operation of the SPS system.
  • bullet point icon Allow easy access for movement of people & materials.
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By the frame being telescopic, simply open the system to the size of the void and lock off. Fix each end via the fixing holes in the angles of the frame and open the trellis mat and deploy on top of the telescopic frame. The void is now closed and safe from falls.

Training and refresher courses are important on all types of equipment at Oxford Safety Components. We carry out on site training on all our products where we issue certificates to all persons trained.