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Two Construction workers talking on a roof


In 2016, over a quarter of construction fatalities were height-related. Employers are legally required to evaluate these risks and ensure safety. Our products, with added safety features like scaffolds, guard rails and safety netting, minimize risk and promote worker safety.

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Worker in an attic on insulated loft crawl boards

Passive Fire

The passive fire industry faces significant risks from falls, potentially leading to severe injuries, death, and substantial collateral damage costs. Employers must provide safe working conditions. Our safety equipment can help protect workers from falls, ensuring the safety of your staff.

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Access Cover over a hole


Facilities management faces various health and safety challenges, including slips, trips, and falls. Proper hazard protection ensures workforce safety, maintaining productivity, and reputation. Our fall protection and slip prevention solutions can help keep your projects on track and your workforce safe.

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A series of pipes connected to a wall


Workers dealing with gas, water, electricity, and sewage face daily safety hazards. Appropriate measures and equipment are crucial for workforce safety. Our range of accident prevention solutions can help maintain productivity, protect your reputation, and ensure the safety of your workers.

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Rows of solar panels


The growing adoption of solar energy necessitates safe, efficient, and cost-effective installation methods, often involving work at height. Safe working practices are essential in this context, and our safety products can support these efforts.

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Steering wheel of a car


Height-related falls account for nearly 10% of injuries in auto manufacturing, leading to severe harm and fatalities. It's the duty of motor companies to ensure worker safety. Vital to this is the right safety gear. Our products offer solutions to prevent falls, promoting a secure work environment for your team.

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Eggs in a bird's next

Pest Control

Pests in loft and insulation spaces pose contamination and health risks. Safe use of chemicals and equipment is vital. Our safety gear, compliant with UK pest control legislation, ensures human and environmental safety during pest control operations.

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