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Minimise risks, work safely and stay on schedule with a range of safety systems. They are designed to maximise safety standards for working at all levels.

Ensuring Safety In Construction

In 2016, over a quarter of construction worker fatalities involved working at height. The law requires that all employers assess the risks from working at height and ensure all work is carried out safely. This consists of taking specific measures and precautions.

Using equipment with extra safety levels reduces the risks of fatal falls and injuries, for example, scaffolds, guard rails and safety netting. Our range of products will minimise risk and ensure worker safety from the ground up.

Products & Solutions



Building operatives are at risk from slips, trips and falls in stairwells on construction sites.


The StairSpan stairwell protection system prevents falls into stairwells, voids, and down stairways by creating an effective barrier against falling, making it an ideal solution for construction worksites.

The system also provides an operating platform or landing to increase productivity when working at height. The StairSpan system is simple to use and installed in minutes; its unique flexible design doesn't block access to the stairwells, meaning work can continue around it.

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CoverSafe Trench Excavation Covers



Open trenches or excavations on construction sites pose a risk of falling.


The CoverSafe Trench ensures excavations and trenches are both easily accessible with open views for inspections whilst remaining safe for your team. It is ideal for work in the construction industry. 

The CoverSafe unique trellis-style covering opens to expand and cover exposed holes to prevent falls. Made from lightweight material, the CoverSafe Trench is robust, resilient and allows unobstructed visual access into the open area, unlike boards or planks.

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CoverSafe Access Expandable Work Mat


Falling from height when erecting roof truss, conducting floor refurbishment or generally working in an attic or loft space. Without additional safety measures, operatives run the risk of falling through joists and on to the surface below.


The CoverSafe Access Mat is an accordion-style high-performance safety mat, which forms a stable temporary work platform that prevents falling from height.

The CoverSafe Access Mat is an expanding gridded mat that provides a safe covering over attic openings to protect operatives working in the roof space, eliminating the risk of falling through the joists. As such, it is an ideal solution for the construction industry. 

The platform is easy to deploy and locks into place as it spans across exposed openings. Its unique hinge system means you can fold it up to pass it down through a roof opening.

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CoverSafe Spark



Construction workers could be at risk from exposure to faulty wires or outlets during electrical installations.


The CoverSafe Spark is an expandable and fully insulated work platform that eliminates the risk of electric shocks. The temporary platform keeps users safe when performing electrical installation tasks.

Made from a robust and plastic composite, CoverSafe mats provide a unique, non-conductive platform offering protection from electrical currents. CoverSafe mats are fully adjustable and lock together to provide optimal cover for your surface. Heavy-duty grips underneath the mat keep it in place on any flat surface.

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Need a one-off solution for your project? We can create a bespoke hire package tailored to your individual project needs.


Our dedicated ISO procedures ensure that every product has been inspected and maintained before a system goes out on hire.

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