Solar Energy Industry

Ensure your workers are safe from trips and falls when working at height to install solar panels on building rooftops.

Ensuring Safety In Solar Installation

Every year, more and more homes and buildings invest in solar energy. Solar is an efficient, safe and sustainable way to power homes.

Typically installed on roofs where they can absorb the most light, building companies must find safe, efficient and cost-effective ways to install solar panels and equipment on buildings. This means working at height, which means appropriate safety measures must be put in place.

Products & Solutions

Easi-Dec Access Platform

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The potential of falling from roof-height


The Easi-Dec Access Platform provides safe, rapid access to the roofline level and can span obstructions such as porches and windows. The access platform is designed for smaller jobs, giving access to the wall, second-floor windows or soffits and gutters for maintenance and repair work. The portable work platform is assembled in a matter of minutes and can be lifted and shifted around a building with ease, making it an ideal alternative to scaffolding.

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CoverSafe Spark Shock Protection


Workers could be at risk from exposure to faulty wires or outlets during electrical installations.


The CoverSafe Spark is an expandable and fully insulated work platform that eliminates the risk of electric shocks. The temporary platform keeps users safe when performing electrical installation tasks.

Made from a strong, plastic composite, CoverSafe mats provide a unique, non-conductive platform offering protection from electrical currents. CoverSafe mats are fully adjustable and lock together to provide optimal cover for your surface. Heavy-duty grips underneath the mat keep it in place on any flat surface.

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TreadLite Fragile Roof Protection System

TreadLite Fragile Roof Protection System


Many industrial roofs are fragile and require special attention. Even though a skylight is visible from ground level in daylight, on a roof, they are often hidden from view under moss and grime and can be indistinguishable from the rest of the roof. Falling through a roof can cause severe injury or death.


The Oxford Safety TreadLite system is a lightweight, fall-arrest temporary working platform. The ​system comprises trellis mats on strong support frames which prevent falls through fragile sheet material and brittle skylights.

Formulated with aluminium, the system is designed to be used when performing reactive work on fragile roofs. The system is adaptable and straightforward, with different component parts which workers can operate independently and interchangeably for various fragile roof issues.

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Need a one-off solution for your project? We can create a bespoke hire package tailored to your individual project needs.


Our dedicated ISO procedures ensure that every product has been inspected and maintained before a system goes out on hire.
12 month inspection service available on PitProtect.

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