Timber Frame Construction Safety

For all timber frame house builders looking for safe working platforms and fall arrest systems to keep all of the workforce safe, whilst maximising productivity.
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Ensuring Safety during Timber Frame Construction Phases

Here at Oxford Safety Components, we have been supporting and meeting the needs of house builders for over 20 years with a range of products that meet all house build types. In more recent years we have seen the growth and increased popularity of the timber frame construction and the use of timber components and have been able to innovate and develop our products to ensure they are suitable for this type of house build. We are confident that we are the perfect partner for all timber frame house builders and timber component manfacture looking for safe working platforms and fall arrest systems.

The growth of the timber frame construction is the result of many factors including:
• Reduced build times which invariably leads to costs savings in terms of materials and labour
• Reduced material use and wastage
• Improved sustainability and efficiency of both the products used and the lifespan of the properties

At Oxford Safety our products align directly with these key benefits and therefore support the core principals of timber frame construction. From the speed of installation, the sustainability of our products and the replacement of less efficient alternatives, we have the products that are right for this.
Download our Safety Guide for Timber Frame Contractors

Timber Frame Construction Phases

CoverSafe Roof Safety Matting

CoverSafe Fragile Roof


Building operatives can fall through open voids and from the roof trusses during construction.


The CoverSafe mats are designed to provide a safe working platform and fall arrest system across the whole of the exposed roof area during the initial build phase. Whether they are installed at ground level prior to the roof being craned into position, or as the roof trusses are individually put in place, the ease and speed at which they can be installed ensures the reduced build times are maintained.

Unlike many crash deck systems, once in place, our CoverSafe mats also enable work to be carried out both above and below at the same time. Roofers and tilers can work at the same time as plasterers and other trades which many house builders cite as- reducing construction times by a further 4-5 weeks.

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StairSpan Bridge


Building operatives are at risk from slips, trips and falls in stair voids during construction, but need easy access between floors.


The StairSpan Bridge is our latest innovation and has come directly from working with timber frame house builders. They had recognised a large amount of wastage was being created in and around the void left where the staircase would eventually flow through. During the initial install phase large wooden cassettes would be removed from the first floor to expose this void.

This process created two main concerns, namely the huge amount of wastage, with wooden cassettes discarded next to each property and the significant fall risk through the void until the staircase was installed.

The StairSpan Bridge addresses these issues head on. They can be installed in multiple locations, being moved to each new house as required and therefore totally remove the need for the wooden cassettes. Once in place they completely protect the void area from a risk of fall but with the use of the StairSpan mat and ladder still retain the ability to allow safe access between floors.

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Safety in Subsequent Build Phases



Building operatives are at risk from slips, trips and falls in stairwells during the finishing phases


As the house build progresses, we recognise that the staircase will then be installed. At this point the StairSpan Bridge will be removed, and we are ready to protect the workforce in the next phases.

So, Oxford Safety’s presence is still found on site, as we have the perfect product to protect the area on and around the staircase. The StairSpan with its range of sizes and multiple configurations ensures that any shape and size of staircase can be protected during the first fix and decorating stages of the build.

Installed on the staircase, the system not only provides the invaluable fall arrest for all operatives but with a safe working load of 225kgs can also be a fully functional working platform.

Unlike other types of protection for this area, such as crash decking and scaffold our system can be installed in minutes and have the unique ability to also be opened and closed, thereby allowing access to the floors both above and below. Yet another opportunity to reduce build times.

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CoverSafe Spark

CoverSafe Spark


Construction workers could be at risk from exposure to faulty wires or outlets during electrical installations.


With many timber frame houses being built to be as energy efficient as possible so we are seeing more and more of these benefiting from either solar panels or specific solar tiles. As the construction of each house comes to a close, so there is a need to access the loft area to finalise connection of services including the solar panels, boilers and electrics. Step forward our CoverSafe Spark, a GRP and fully insulated mat that allows safe access into lofts. With the ability to span joists of up to 900mm, the CoverSafe Spark enables electricians, plumbers and other trades to traverse across the roof area without fear of damaging the ceiling below, falling through the roof or touching live wires.

 A quick and easy way to finish off the house build, connect the services and prepare for the arrival of the new homeowners.

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Why Chose Oxford Safety Components for your next Timber Frame project?

With more and more house builders turning to timber frame components to save build times, reduce wastage and provide more sustainable and efficient properties, Oxford Safety Components is leading the way in having a full set of products that compliment and support these goals.

We are constantly innovating our products and listening to our customers from across the house builder sector so that we stay aligned with what is required. Oxford Safety Components: the perfect partner for timber frame house builders.

Timber Frame Clients include: Taylor Wimpey, Barratts, Cala, Bloor, Oregon, Persimmon, Countryside and Vistry.
In the video below you can see the Coversafe mats being installed at ground level, before being lifted into position so that work can continue in situ, safely.
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Need a one-off solution for your project? We can create a bespoke hire package tailored to your individual project needs.


Our dedicated ISO procedures ensure that every product has been inspected and maintained before a system goes out on hire.
12 month inspection service available on PitProtect.

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