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Low Level

Ensuring safety & compliance whilst working at a low level.

Inspection Pit Cover


Auto manufacturing presents many hazards, including inspection pits. Identifying risks and adopting precautions are key to maintaining safety standards in the industry.

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PitProtect Ontrack

PitProtect Ontrack

Train companies use inspection pits for maintenance, creating potential fall hazards when not in use. PitProtect Ontrack mitigates this risk while allowing access for inspections and repairs.

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Worker setting up the CoverSafe Access

CoverSafe Access

Facility management involves integrating people, processes, and technology to ensure safety and efficiency. Providing appropriate equipment can reduce personnel risks such as falls.

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CoverSafe Trench over a pipeline trench

CoverSafe Trench

Utility workers face daily hazards from handling dangerous substances and equipment at various heights. Mitigating common workplace injuries like slips, trips, and falls is crucial.

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