Inspection Pit Cover

Created for pit protection, safeguarding open pits in vehicle maintenance workshops for repairs & servicing. Designed to be robust, adjustable, quick and easy to deploy by just one operative. PitProtect is fully adjustable in both length and width; ensuring a perfect fit for your inspection pit every time. 

Keep Your Vehicle Maintenance Team Safe around Inspection Pits

Vehicle manufacturing & maintenance with its physical demands and challenging work environment causes many hazards for workers. 

In order to maintain health and safety standards within the Motor Vehicle Repair (MVR) industry it is important to identify the most frequent and serious risks and adopt the necessary precautions. 

Inspection pits are one of the most common cause of accidents, not only to those unfamiliar with the premises but also to employees who momentarily forget the presence of an unfenced pit or who slip or trip and fall into them. So, pit protection is key.

The PitProtect for Inspection Pit Safety

The PitProtect is a lightweight concertina inspection pit cover for workshops and garages. It has been created to safeguard open pits, and designed to be robust, adjustable and quick and easy to deploy by just one person.

Fitting flush with the floor, the inspection pit safety cover protects against trips as well as falls whilst still giving full access to the underside of vehicle.

The pit protection system has been formulated with aluminium and is fully adjustable in both length and width. Each bar can be set at a different width so is suitable for covering an inspection pit that's uneven in width; ensuring a perfect fit for your pit every time. 

12 month inspection service and multi-buy discounts available, contact us for more details.

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Product Specifications

The PitProtect comes in three sizes, the 1500, 1300 & 1100.
Open size 1500: 2m x 1.3-1.5m
Open size 1300: 2m x 1.1-1.3m 
Open size 1100: 2m x 0.9-1.1m
Closed size 1500: 0.45m x 1.3m
Closed size 1300: 0.45m x 1.1m
Closed size 1100: 0.45m x 0.9m
Weight 1500: 24kg
Weight 1300: 22kg
Weight 1100: 20kg


Need a one-off solution for your project? We can create a bespoke hire package tailored to your individual project needs.


Our dedicated ISO procedures ensure that every product has been inspected and maintained before a system goes out on hire.
12 month inspection service available on PitProtect.

Safety First for Inspection Pits

This inspection pit safety cover is formulated with premium aluminium, making it lightweight but extremely strong and durable. Created to provide both fall-prevention in the workshop and a working platform.

This is a system you can rely on to keep your mechanics and MVR team safe when working in and around inspection pits.

Easy Transportation

The PitProtect can be transported in either a transit type van or a traditional car, and can be installed and ready to use in as little as 20 minutes - making it the perfect time-effective fall-prevention solution and safety around your inspection pits. 


Is it a legal requirement for me to cover my inspection pit?

What size pit cover do I need?

What is the maximum working load of the PitProtect?

Can I drive on the PitProtect?

I have vehicle jacks in my pit, can I still install PitProtects?

My inspection pit varies in width throughout- can i still use a PitProtect?

Once it's installed, can I take the system out again?

Three Questions to Protect your Workers

How Big is My Pit?

Measure the Width

Measure the Width

Measure the Length

Measure the Length

What Size Do I Need?

PitProtect 1100

Small PitProtect

PitProtect 1300

Large PitProtect

PitProtect 1500

PitProtect 1500

How Many Do I Need?

The PitProtect Formula

The PitProtect Formula
Measure your pit length (in metres) and subtract the length of any permanent equipment - i.e. lifts or oil collection units. Divide the result by 2 and round up if necessary.
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