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The StairSpan system safeguards against falls, enhancing workplace safety. Its easy installation also provides a robust platform for elevated tasks. With an adaptable design that ensures clear stair access, it promotes seamless workflow. Invest in StairSpan - where professional expertise meets safety compliance and efficiency.
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StairSpan Bridge

Leveraging our standard StairSpan Frame, mat, and brackets, the system bridges gaps created during the build phase. The StairSpan Bridge safeguards workers from falls, provides a secure work platform, and permits ladder access to adjacent floors. This ensures worker safety while minimising workflow disruptions on site.
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CoverSafe mats, formulated with lightweight aluminium, create a stable, adjustable work platform over joists, preventing falls to lower floors. Leveraging our XSpan technology, these mats enhance productivity during truss spreading, wind bracing, inspections, and remedial tasks, offering robust fall prevention.
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CoverSafe Spark

Crafted with aerospace-grade GRP, the CoverSafe Spark is a lightweight, yet sturdy platform preventing ceiling falls during roof work. Its robust design wards off falls and damage, while insulation safeguards against electrical shocks. Highly adaptable, it can be resized to meet various needs.
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CoverSafe Access

CoverSafe Access, an expandable GRP access cover, is engineered to prevent manhole and hatchway falls. It presents a safe working platform, can be fixed into position, and is hinged for full material access in confined spaces. This improves efficiency and meets HSE safety standards
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CoverSafe Trench

CoverSafe Trench is a GRP fall-prevention system designed to guard against open trench falls and electrical hazards. Lightweight yet extremely durable, it offers added stability with corner clips and a trellis pattern for easy work inspection without lifting the mat.
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The TreadLite system is a flexible, lightweight fall-prevention solution for fragile roofs. Its independent components tackle various roof issues. Steel spars and trellis mats prevent skylight falls, while deployable frames and mats provide safe rooftop work areas.
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PitProtect is a lightweight, adjustable inspection pit cover, expertly designed for open-pit safety. It provides secure access to a vehicle's underside while guarding against falls. Constructed from durable aluminium, it adjusts to pits of varying sizes, ensuring a perfect fit every time.
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PitProtect Ontrack

PitProtect Ontrack offers robust open-pit protection without compromising train underside access. This unique system combines Pit Protect with the Ontrack frame, accommodating train wheels unhindered. Adjustable aluminium bars ensure a perfect fit even for uneven-width pits.
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Timber Frame

For all timber frame house builders looking for safe working platforms and fall arrest systems to keep all of the workforce safe, whilst maximising productivity.
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