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Dealing with electric, gas, water and sewerage, those working within the utilities industry are exposed to safety hazards on a daily basis. In this line of work, working with hazardous substances, potentially dangerous equipment and both at height and underground, significantly increases the risk of damage and injury. Such hazards, place utility workers at risk to the most common causes of workplace injury, such as slips, trips and falls.


Axaform is a strong podium and stairwell platform; it is wheeled into position for work. The podium is telescopic; open it out sideways, to work on a wider front, without interruptions to move it too often. Close it up for awkward places; storage & transport.

  • bullet point icon Work efficiently on tasks at height with Axaform mobile unit.
  • bullet point icon The strong podium is on castors and can be wheeled into.
  • bullet point icon Position for work. The castors retract automatically when a person steps on to the podium.
  • bullet point icon No wheel locks have to be operated.
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To hire this product or to get more information, call us on 01869323282 or email
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Our dedicated ISO procedures ensure that every product has been inspected and maintained before a system goes out on hire.
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The Oxford Safety Axaform provides two complete safety platform systems, to work efficiently on many types of work in a house or office, such as plastering, decorating, and electrical maintenance.

The AXAform has two Longer legs can be easily fitted in order to adapt the Axaform Podium into a staircase platform. It can then be deployed on a stairway to reach the wall and ceiling above; for work on fittings, electrics, or to decorate.

Training and refresher courses are important on all types of equipment at Oxford Safety Components. We carry out on site training on all our products where we issue certificates to all persons trained.