Insulated Crawl Board

Inspecting domestic attics, hatches, or small commercial spaces require versatile technology for safety solutions. The CoverSafe Spark crawl board is flexible, transportable and lightweight, making workplace safety easy to implement.

Make Working at Height Safer

Building operatives can face many hazards; they may be at height, they may be above voids. However, work needs to continue to schedule. Our safety systems increase the safety of working at height - preventing falls inside roofs, down stairways, and provide work platforms above voids; all to meet safety concerns and regulations.

CoverSafe Spark

The CoverSafe Spark crawl board is a lightweight working platform formulated with GRP, used to prevent falls through ceilings when working in roof spaces. GRP material was developed for aerospace and Formula One racing, and has been woven into the CoverSafe Spark's design to provide an innovative fall protection system that is lightweight but extremely durable.

The strength of the crawl board prevents falls through ceilings and collateral damage; and the insulation of the crawl board prevents shocks from faulty or broken electrical fittings or old wiring, possibly hidden in thermal insulation. The crawl board is highly adaptable and can be expanded to many different sizes to suit different needs.

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Product Specifications

Open size: 2m x 0.8m (1.6m²)
Closed size: 1.15m x 0.48m
Weight: 10kg
Max spread load: 150kg

Easy Transportation

The closed-up loft crawl board is easy to transport and install, XSpan technology means it can even fit through small attic hatches and aeroplane access points, then be expanded to suit the space being protected. The weight of the operator is spread over the joists allowing for safe inspections; plumbing, TV aerial, solar inverter, electrical, and aerospace maintenance work.

Training Certified

Training and refresher courses are important on all types of equipment at Oxford Safety Components. We carry out on site training on all our products where we issue certificates to all persons trained.


Need a one-off solution for your project? We can create a bespoke hire package tailored to your individual project needs.


Our dedicated ISO procedures ensure that every product has been inspected and maintained before a system goes out on hire.

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